Stage One

This is the first step in building a solid foundation for the future of your company. In this first stage we will be discussing Data Migration & System Configurations  

CiiRUS Vacation Rental Software

I'm here if you need me

Shalini Brijmohan
VP Customer Success
Phone: +1 (407) 634-6828

We will be meeting here: Link (A reminder with a link to the meeting will be sent to you prior to beginning the meeting).


What you should expect in the first session: 

This first session is approximately 2 hours. Please be prepared to discuss and provide the following:

  • Understanding the Interface & Grids

  • Software Settings Assistant Fundamentals
    • Company Profile
    • Card/ Bank Account Details
    • SecureTrack Users
    • Headers
    • Contacts & Vendors
    • Housekeeping Settings
    • General Reservation Settings
    • Accepted Card Types & Credit Card Processing Integrations
    • Booking Categories
  • Property Assistant Fundamentals
    • Basic Details
    • Location & Features
    • Access Codes
    • Short Stays, Housekeeping, Commissions
    • Down Payment / Balance
    • Terms & Booking Settings
    • Title and Descriptions
    • Images
    • Rate Sets
  • Quick Property Setup Fundamentals
    • General
    • Location
    • Housekeeping

  • Property Audit

  • Cart Settings

    Once we have completed the above, please watch the following Webinar (Click Here) and complete the following homework before attending the next training session. 

As a courtesy to our team, please let us know if you have any conflicts 24 hours prior to the training session so that we may reschedule to the nearest possible date and time. This will also help us speed up other training sessions with partners that are eager to get their software up and running. We are running a tight ship with strict time slots and you are a key piece to ensuring that this ship is running smoothly.